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The Warhol Prints

 About The Artist  Andy Warhol {1928 - 1987} was an  American artist and a leading figure in the  Pop art movement.   The Notorious posters  The original ten posters designed by John Melin, who was famous for his distinctive typographic style, quickly became known and made his words as famous as Andy Warhol himself.The Warhol Stockholm posters were originally designed by John Melin for Andy Warhol's first exhibition outside of the United States at Stockholm's Moderna Museet in 1968. Since then designers, bloggers, and lovers of Scandinavian and minimalistic decor across the world looking to get a hold of one.  Why are they so popular? With the new love for all things minimalistic and monochrome chic flourishing, it is no wonder...

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The Little Round Woven Bag-That's Taking Instagram by Storm

If you are actively engaged with Instagram and following fashion bloggers you might have come upon this little round bag. With a unique round woven design it fits all the daily essentials (phone, wallet, makeup, sunglasses etc.) and ads a beautiful artesian feel to any look. Our woven bags are completely handmade by skilled artisans in Bali, Indonesia and the process of creating and weaving the bags can take up to a week to be completed.The once the weaving process is finished the bags are smoked with a kind of wood that makes it stronger and prevents damage from insects. This gives the bag its smokey scent (over time it disappears). After being smoked the bags are then left to dry in the sun...

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          One of the latest furniture obsessions/trends is the Moroccan pouf!   This kind of pouf that was rarely seen anywhere except in vintage shops or super bohemian homes, are now popping up on Pinterest boards, Instagram and even the more traditional homes. Available in all sorts of colors, adapting to all sorts of tastes they can be the most versatile piece of furniture you might own. They can be used as foot rests, an extra chair, side table, or a comfy garden stool for the summer! No matter where you chose to place this pouf you can be sure it will add a warm exotic characteristic to your home, and this is what we love about it! Completely handmade...

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