The Warhol Prints

The Warhol Prints

 About The Artist
 Andy Warhol {1928 - 1987} was an  American artist and a leading figure in the  Pop art movement.


The Notorious posters 

The original ten posters designed by John Melin, who was famous for his distinctive typographic style, quickly became known and made his words as famous as Andy Warhol himself.The Warhol Stockholm posters were originally designed by John Melin for Andy Warhol's first exhibition outside of the United States at Stockholm's Moderna Museet in 1968. Since then designers, bloggers, and lovers of Scandinavian and minimalistic decor across the world looking to get a hold of one. 

Why are they so popular?

With the new love for all things minimalistic and monochrome chic flourishing, it is no wonder that the minimalistic prints {with the popular quotes that some of us had already heard so much} would eventually make their way into our homes. Not only the artist who created the prints was known for his typographic work, but the quotes were already known to many. Up until some time ago the only way you could enhance your walls with these iconic posters was by purchasing them off of the Moderna Museet itself. Now replicas are finally being sold, and we are able to have affordable and quality art at home.

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