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About us

DAMA started off as a DIY project to make maps with exact city coordinates to put into our living room. Being that my husband, our daughter and I were born in different cities and countries we wanted something personal to celebrate this. So the first 4 maps were born: Medellin, Rio de Janeiro, London, Brasilia.

I have always loved maps and have been lucky enough to travel to different countries, continents, and have a great appreciation for the cities I have known, this put together with my love for monochrome design and decor, a few more international friends who wanted their special places mapped and... voila! DAMA was born.

With the maps if you find we don't have your particular place on the shop do let us know so that we can create something special and memorable for you. 


Let's share our love for travel, for life and fill our homes with art!


The Dama Team



The Life Hope Foundation project

One of our aims within Dama is also to be able to help a project very dear to us in Medellin Colombia that involves young people in less fortunate areas such as “Comunas” by involving and helping them to grow and be able to find their dreams within creative arts such as Music and visual arts.
A percentage of our earnings is redirected to the Fundación Esperanza de Vida (Life Hopes Foundation).